About Crimson Rebel

Introducing the new brand created by two visionary women, Kristina and Stacia. The creative duo draw inspiration from a range of sources, including dark, moody, and poetic themes and colours, as well as vintage arts and dark academia themes. They also incorporate elements of astrology, tarot, psychology, and sexology into their work, creating a unique and powerful blend of symbolism and meaning. Their brand is a reflection of their deep love for craftsmanship and tradition, as well as their willingness to explore the depths of the human experience. From their beautiful and intricate designs to their thought-provoking content, Stacia's and Kristina's brand is a true testament to the power of creativity and vision.
Who We Are
The creative duo to bring new ideas on art and human experience
  • Stacia Ches
    Co-Founder & Art Director
  • Kristina Lust
    Co-Founder & Creative Director
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